Recent Engagements

  • Serving as an independent director of the Mauritius affiliates of a global hedge fund
  • Preparing expert witness report on hedge fund issue in matrimonial dispute
  • Consulting on the formation of a private equity fund investing in offshore real estate
  • Drafting FINRA arbitration complaint on grossly mispriced trade
Legal Services


If you are about to launch a new investment product, negotiate a service agreement or communicate with your investors, you want an attorney who has worked closely with clients just like yourself at some of Wall Street’s most prominent firms. For over 30 years, Stephen has been assisting financial professionals manage their legal affairs and risks in a wide range of investment and securities contexts, both here and abroad. Stephen now also serves as an expert witness in financial disputes and collaborates with other experienced attorneys on matters involving multiple legal disciplines. Stephen charges solutions-based fees for his advisory services and provides concrete examples of his legal views and style in his blog posts. Contact Stephen